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Video Production Services

Video doesn't need to be complicated. Most businesses are after the same goal, but often lack the words to describe what they want. Listed bellow are the most common video categories we are asked to create. 

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"About Us" Video

All our clients come to us with one common desire; To Be Heard. 

All too often companies are labeled as "that construction company" or "just another solar installer." When the reality is you are different.


Your company isn't just "another" company. Your services comes from a genuine desire to help people. It's yours. It's an extension of your unique gift that you are trying to share with the world. 


An "About Us" video is your opportunity to share why your business is distinct.  


Our standard package includes 2-4 on-camera interviews and background footage showing your business in action. 

Most business's will host this video on their company website and post it to their social media so potential customers will know who they are. 


Internal Communications

All businesses run into the same bottleneck as they grow; Training. 

Managers spend hours and hours giving the same training to every new employee. Yet when they turn around, everyone seems to forget what they were taught. 

Your time is extremely valuable, and so is your employees. So why not create a clean outline for the training, record it once, and use it repeatedly with each new hire? 


Internal Communication videos are your opportunity to stream line your business. 

Our standard package includes preproduction that outlines the video creation process, and one day of filming on site. We also include background footage during the video to improve the viewing experience.

Most business will have use create a suite of training videos that handle a particular bottleneck in its entirety. 

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Recruitment Video

Every business owner has the same struggle; Attracting The Right Talent

Most often companies post generic recruitment ads on sites like Indeed or LinkedIn and are exposed to a limited hiring pool of candidates. 


Your business has a unique culture. You want to hire career minded people, not just anyone who applies. How do you convince qualified individuals to work at your organization?


A Recruitment Video is your opportunity to get the best applicants into your business.  


Our standard package includes 2-4 on camera interviews and background footage showing your business in action. 

Most business's use this as a powerful recruitment tool and will host it on their website to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

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Weekly Video Content

What does the future of online marketing look like? Becoming a Thought Leader

In today's decentralized economy there are thousands of individuals making five to six figure incomes off the world of YouTube. 


People leverage their expertise in a given field and create audiences of millions who live and breath on their expert advice. It is only a matter of time before businesses recognize this value  and tap into this income stream as well. 


Weekly Video creation is your opportunity to build a loyal audience for your business.    


Every client we work with in this context gets a custom tailored package to suite their creative vision. 

If you are a business representative who wants to lead your industry and be the source of education for your clients then please reach out to us today. 

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Not seeing what you're looking for?

Reach out to us! We would love to make your video project a reality!

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