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Building the

Dream Film Crew

Real Talk, This Is Our Goal 

We are on a mission to create one of the greatest independent film studios of all time, and we are doing it all while maintaining our creative independence.


We do this by providing video production services to reputable companies in the Midwest, and then reinvesting our profits to grow our company and develop our own intellectual property.

Who We Look For

Your film crew is like a second family, and we're committed to growing our team with a healthy dynamic. Each of us brings our unique passions and talents to Storysage with the goal of elevating each other's stories

As a team we honor the creative spirit and value individual empowerment, firmly believing that every team member has the capacity and ability to become the best in their given field if provided with the opportunity and responsibility to do so.


Sorry! We are not currently hiring.

But, we are always seeking out like-minded creatives. If you would like to set up a time to chat, please email:

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